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Dental Bridges

It is very important that a missing tooth or missing teeth are replaced so as to avoid drifting of teeth, gum disease and possible future decay and bite disturbances.

dental bridge - fitting

A dental bridge closes the gap between 2 teeth. Crowns are placed on either side of the gap with a dummy tooth or pontic in the middle. Bridges are made of porcelain or metal (or both), as with all dental caps, and cannot be manually removed by the patient. ge. It takes about a week to make a bridge and a temporary bridge is placed until the final bridge is ready.

Caring for Dental Bridges

As a  bridge is a solid structure it is no longer possible to floss in between the replacement tooth/ teeth. So, in order to keep the underlaying gum healthy a special floss is is used to reach that area. (Super floss) Normal daily brushing need also be maintained on the bridges and surrounding areas.

Our Sea Point dental practice will create the dental bridge that is best suited to your needs. Call us on 021 434 3663 for more information.

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