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Luma Teeth Whitening - the COOL way to whiten teeth

The Luma-Lite teeth whitening treatment is one of the most cost competitive methods of whitening your teeth. This is due to its lower cost, quick turn around time and minimal discomfort- thereby making it one of the most saught-after teeth whitening treatments. Luma-Lite teeth whitening is a fairly quick process with minimal discomfort that whitens teeth, at a significantly lower cost than many competitive procedures in the marketplace.


before teeth whitening


after teeth whitening

Why Luma Teeth Whitening?

Whitening stained teeth gives you confidence and reason to smile! Luma Whitening will not only enhance your appearance but give your self-esteem a boost. All of our teeth get stained over the years, and very stained teeth adds years onto our appearance. Drinking tea, coffee and red wine, smoking, some medications and staining foods are common everyday examples of how quickly teeth get discoloured. Our whitening system can, in most cases, solve these discolourations to give you a brilliant smile.

The Teeth Whitening Procedure

Although some cases cannot be treated (for example- crowns and fillings), most people with good, healthy teeth will benefit greatly from this treatment. In less than an hour appointment, the Luma whitening process will be completed. Both the top and bottom set of teeth are whitened at the same time. For years afterwards, depending on your lifestyle and care for your teeth, the results will continue to last. 

Feel free to contact our dental practice in Sea Point with any enquiries regarding the Luma Teeth Whitening system and we will gladly assist you.

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