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Teeth Extractions

Extractions or Exodontia is performed when a tooth is non-restorable using accepted dental procedures, due to excessive tooth decay. This may be as a result of infections, gum disease, fractures or other causes which will damage and spread the disease to the surrounding teeth.

Teeth extraction on permanent, healthy teeth may also be performed before other orthodontic treatments. A common occurrence is in the case of wisdom teeth. These teeth often need to be extracted as they can cause pain, infections and even damage to the surrounding teeth structure.
Extractions can be done in the chair under local anesthetic if they are rather simple, but sometimes a surgical extraction is also necessary depending on the nature of the case.

Slight bleeding occurs after a tooth extraction and sometimes stitches are required. . Swelling and bruising is also quite common, bruising though only usually takes place in older people. This does subside and it only takes about one week for the gum to heal. If infection arises, an antibiotic will be prescribed.

If a tooth, other than a wisdom tooth is extracted, it is recommended that a replacement tooth be inserted so the surrounding teeth do not come adrift.

Feel free to discuss your dental requirement with our dentist in Cape Town, Dr. B. Beilinsohn, who will advise whether an extraction is necessary, or what other options are available to you. We can be reached on 021 434 3663.

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